Play with lights

If you want to excel in photography, you must understand how to manipulate and control the light. You must understand the fundamental principle how light affect your image. Pro photographers use diffusers, snoot, reflectors, etc. to control how the light pass thru /hit your subject. Mostly those items I’ve mentioned are expensive and inadequate for budding photographers who are just starting up. The photo below: … Continue reading Play with lights

Black & White portraits it’s not easy at all

Black & White has been used since photography started, it is timeless, it gives a bit of nostalgia to anyone. I myself is fond of Black and White, its drama and just pure class. Many people believe it’s easy to take B&W images, well here I am telling you now that it is not. Taking pictures in a monochrome setting is one thing but getting well-defined … Continue reading Black & White portraits it’s not easy at all


What is composition? It is the arrangement of the visual objects that make up a perfect image. Maybe you’ve heard this word before from different art, music, video or photography class, basically, anything that is outlined or put together. In Photography, to get the right composition, we apply the rule of thirds.Well, what is it? It’s not a mathematical equation, but it’s an imaginary guideline … Continue reading Composition

Wedding Photography

The most important aspect a wedding photographers must know is a good location, if you don’t have a stunning location, your photo wouldn’t really stand out from the rest of the crowd. How are you going to get this fabulous place? Well simply by scouting your area and search for breathtaking views. In the commercial world, you hire a photo-stylist who arranges the shoot and makes … Continue reading Wedding Photography