What is paradise for you? Is it with your loved one on a beautiful beach or resort? Or is your paradise a big lovely garden that looks magical? Well, whatever your paradise is my friend I hope you’ll find it and once you see it, I hope you capture the moment you were there. I went to Palawan last month and stayed at Palawan Seaview … Continue reading Paradise

Future of Photography?

Like any other gadgets, philosophy or product, Photography is also evolving; its principles are changing. Those were the days when we use to use negatives, enlargers and dark rooms. Now things are more digital, and more accessible to anyone who would like to pursue photography. I attended a Photographers convention, and there they showcased the era of camera evolution and development of images, cameras today … Continue reading Future of Photography?


Hi Fellow Snappers, First of all Happy New Year!!! Everyone says you need to set a new goal every new year so you could achieve something better or greater than the previous last year. So, my goal this year is to learn more and make better images playing with lights, so I enrolled myself to this Photography Masterclass and Trick Photography Masterclass which I believe will assist … Continue reading NEW YEAR NEW GOALS


AURORA HDR 2017 NOW AVAILABLE FOLKS Offer Available: September 29, 2017 – October 5, 2017 Aurora HDR 2017 is the world’s ultimate HDR photo solution, chock full of new tools and capabilities. As a one-stop tool kit for casual and pro photographers alike, it’s versatile interface features a faster, more powerful, feature-rich and satisfying experience than any other photography software or combination of tools. Perfect … Continue reading AURORA HDR 2017 NOW AVAILABLE

Volunteer work is it destroying our craft?

Is volunteer work destroying our craft? I would say “Yes & No.” Let me elaborate on my answer. I say that it’s destroying our craft is because we’ve got a lot of oligarchs who have notoriously been undervaluing our work. This type of business people are the ones who would promise you exposure etc. In honest opinion, if you get approached or see an Ad … Continue reading Volunteer work is it destroying our craft?