A gift to you

Hi Fellow Snappers,

How are we? I have been busy doing a lot of documentary videos lately, and this past few month, a lot of things have happened.

One of the few things I’ve been doing is traveling and attending a lot of Freemason meetings.

In the spirit of Christmas, I am so pumped to let you know that camera giveaways are giving away a Nikon D810 or a Canon 5DS R to a lucky winner!

Note – Unfortunately for legal reasons with giveaways like this Only US & Canadian Residents are eligible to enter to win. I don’t make up the rules, and I do apologize if that prevents you from entering. I am sorry; I don’t make the rules!

Entering is FREE and easy (and yes this is totally legit).I’ve teamed up with Camera Giveaways to give you this opportunity to win one of these AMAZING cameras.

Want to try your luck at winning the Nikon or Canon?


Bonus discounts for all entries will also be awarded!

Winners will be selected by random drawing at the end of the giveaway by Camera Giveaways.

Best of luck Guys!!!

P.S. – I am not the host of the giveaway, I am no sponsor either, I am just sharing you the link and info. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, I am sorry but I don’t have the answers…you’d need to contact Camera Giveaways as they are the host.


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