A Photograph a day

Last year, I used to work on a crew ship as an onboard photographer. I tell you what, life at sea is entirely different, It’s like a moving prison in the middle of the ocean.

Photography onboard the ship is also controlled, your manager gives you your cameras settings, give you what lens you use and what angle you should shoot it, so in technical terms your artistic noggin isn’t put to good use. I believe the only photographer on board who can practice his skills is the Master Photographer.

That’s not my blog is all about, but somehow related to what I am blogging.

Onboard the ship, we have a manager who always quote his favorite figure of speech “If I am a carpenter, should I be skilled with a hammer? So, it should reflect you as a photographer, and you should know how to use a camera”.

Now that my contract is finished and as I look back, it made me ponder. There’s nothing wrong with what he said above but we all know that a good carpenter can be amazing with better tools & equipment. I’m not saying skills here is not a big factor in photography, but we need a good set of instruments as well to get the best quality image we want.

I might be wrong on this one as well, So today, I’m challenging myself to take a photo every day and post my best image of the day without using any fancy gear.

I’m only going to use my old Canon 650D and my old time all rounder lens, my favourite 18-200mm lens (Image below).

For post processing, I won’t even run it through photoshop, I’ll only use my Lightroom 5 and do one preset, a preset that only does clarity, sharpness, and tone. Pretty basic really.

I invite you to journey with me as I explore all possibilities and as heighten my skills further in Digital photography.






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