Black & White portraits it’s not easy at all

Black & White has been used since photography started, it is timeless, it gives a bit of nostalgia to anyone. I myself is fond of Black and White, its drama and just pure class.

Many people believe it’s easy to take B&W images, well here I am telling you now that it is not. Taking pictures in a monochrome setting is one thing but getting well-defined Blacks, Grey and Whites is another thing.

The secret here is “Lighting”. Now in order for you to get those three colours I’ve mentioned (Black, Grey, White) you need to take images artistically, like chiaroscuro, the art of  contrasting areas of light and dark.


Once you’ve taken the image, its time for post production. Since Its a RAW image, I first edit it while its still RAW then transfer it to Photoshop.

I normally play with the images contrast, clarity, brightness and shadow, then I go deeper on details, its almost like I’m doing dodge and burn. After all of that, I open it in Photoshop to enhance the shadow and the images sharpness.


If you wanna know a detailed process on how I edit my images, please comment below or drop me an email.

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