You must believe me when I say consistency is the key to everything.

Clients nowadays check your work, look at your portfolio and look how consistent is your shooting.


Consistency has something to do with the way you shoot and how you edit your images.

Practice is the key, till you develop your style and your process of post editing.

Heres some ways to get your consistency working in a jiffy:

  1. Change the way you think aethestically.
  2. Build your artistic wilpower
  3. eliminate negative thinking
  4. Set artistic goals
  5. make changes slowly
  6. set artistic bounderies
  7. hold yourself accountable
  8. make critical vizualisation
  9. increase your motivation
  10. lastly my favorite is plan for failure, meaning dont give up, just plan to correct and move forward.

I reckon if you follow this 10 pointers I’ve given you, you’ll be consistent in no time.





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