Keep on Up-skilling and honing your craft

Photography, Filmmaking, and Graphic Design are all have something in common; they are all now processed digitally.

There are numerous programs that could assist you with your art, but always remember these are just tools that help you with your creation, all of it comes from within you and from your mind.

I remember when I was just ten years old, I was determined to learn how to play the guitar as I saw one of my neighbor play, and he was fantastic. It took me six months until I mastered the Major and Minor chords, I was practicing all the time.

The same goes with Photography, Filmmaking, and Graphic Design; one must practice or keep on learning, researching, practicing and producing work.

I have been buying books, purchasing online tutorials and much more to upskill on photography, cinematography, and graphic design. To be clear I am still but a student of art, the same as you are, and I don’t know everything. I myself go to other websites to learn new things, my favorite sites are the following:

Those are only a few of the websites where I could access great online lectures for free.

Maybe next week I’ll start posting all my different work and explain to you how I did it, whether its graphic design, photography or filmmaking.

I hope I’ll see some of your posts too, please don’t be scared to share them or be ashamed to show it to us.

Oh and one more thing “Art is all about the individual who created it; it’s your personal entertainment, your personal haven”.



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