Club and Bar Photography

One of the hardest photography I believe is doing night photography, it’s easy if your shooting using a tripod but what if your shooting without a tripod. Well, let’s say your capable of purchasing expensive lenses, prime lenses but what if you don’t have the financial means?

Ok, all these images above was shot using an 18-200 mm, so I can honestly tell you now that it is possible shooting beautiful pictures. The technique is all about the light that a gets in your camera.

Usually, I set up my F-stop straight to 5.6- 7.1, then I analyze some club lights, stage lights, etc. then, I look at compensating it with my ASA/ISO. I typically play from 2000 – 3200 depending if I will still use a flash or not.

If I am, then I manually lower the power of my flash from 1/64 – 1/32.

The technique is I shoot my subject behind the colourful lights to get the effect above.

If you are worried about the amount of noise the high ISO/ASA create, theres a lot programs that could minimise the noise, one of them is Lightroom.

I hope you’ve learned something from this.

Keep on clicking guys.




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