A short film I shot last week

The images you see below are still shots of the Film Noir type I shot last week.

It all started when a friend of mine decided to make a short film for their Christmas presentation; he posted his cry for assistance on making this movie on his Facebook page. Luckily for him I saw his post and told him, I’d be keen to assist.

This friend of mine, he was an actor, he has done lots of theatre plays, etc. but has no idea how to assemble or create a film.

So, we had our first meeting, we talked about his idea, how many shots were doing and I’ve asked him what his vision was. It was the critical issue of all; we want to get that image from his head and as a videographer/cinematographer it was my duty to try and make that vision come alive.

You all must understand when I filmed this project, I didn’t have any crew or assistant at all, it was pure guerilla filmmaking.

I also sourced our second location, the car park area.

I had fun making this film and fiddling with it on post-production.




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