If you’re starting out in portraiture.

If you’re starting out and wanting to know the basic on how to get a good portrait of someone and you don’t have any flash or strobe etc, my tip to you is start with an action figure or if you got a house pet like me, try to photograph your pet. Here I photographed my favourite cat, Mr. Kitty.

ISO 1600, F3.5 , 1/100

Your goal here really is to understand how light works and how to control your Manual settings on this kind of conditions.

We are lucky now since we are using digital, so making mistakes isn’t gonna cost you, plus you get to see the image straight away at the back of your camera.

After mastering this, try to play using one window and see what you’ll get and try playing from there.


Then afterwards move on to using strobe lights, well when you get the funds. Try just playing with one light first and make sure before you move the light to another position, you’ve actually taken shots of all angles, well thats how I learned anyway but who knows, It might work for you as well.

Always keep on challenging yourself.





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