Volunteer work is it destroying our craft?

Is volunteer work destroying our craft? I would say “Yes & No.”

Let me elaborate on my answer. I say that it’s destroying our craft is because we’ve got a lot of oligarchs who have notoriously been undervaluing our work. This type of business people are the ones who would promise you exposure etc.

In honest opinion, if you get approached or see an Ad that they’re looking for people who could help or assist them, and promises you exposure, etc., I’d say “No.”.

Why? You are destroying our livelihood in the long run.

But if you are voluntarily working for an agency or a group that is doing fundraisings for a good cause then by all means go.

What I am saying is, analyze the people who have advertised it and see if they are earning money out of it, spend some time to learn more about them before jumping in and saying “I’d like to volunteer my craft.”

Remember that your time is valuable if someone asks for you to work for exposure, just leave and go.


The image below got taken at an old Unilever factory; PLUNKET group launched a warehouse of fear, a campaign started by Rory Foley to raise some money for a good cause. To read the article, please click here.

Photograph by Christian Hipolito



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