Future of Photography?

Like any other gadgets, philosophy or product, Photography is also evolving; its principles are changing. Those were the days when we use to use negatives, enlargers and dark rooms. Now things are more digital, and more accessible to anyone who would like to pursue photography.

I attended a Photographers convention, and there they showcased the era of camera evolution and development of images, cameras today are getting and getting more buff, more hi-tech, and the picture quality is very impressive, and most of all cameras now have the capacity to record videos and has programs installed to enhance images.

Twenty-seven years ago after Photoshop was released and introduced to photographers, and graphic designers, any photos edited & exported out from photoshop aren’t considered photography, but now they are well accepted.

Enhancing and compositing images is a form of Photography art which millions of millions of people are doing. If ever you like to study how to use Photoshop, enhance your image or make composite images, click these links Photography Masterclass and Trick Photography Masterclass.

These masterclass are created by a respected young photographer whose goal was to capture better pictures, basically he is like you and me, always learning and ups killing in the field of photography. You will love his masterclass because not only does he tell you the step by step procedures how to light a subject but also how to edit them using Photoshop.

This photo has been improved using Adobe Photoshop; Image was taken three years ago.





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