Pushing the boundaries

What do I mean when I say pushing the boundaries? It’s like getting out of your comfort zone, something you don’t normally do and most of all something you won’t do unless you have to.

I remember doing a gig at a big conference hall at Wellington; it’s called the Michael Fowler Centre. It’s a huge place; this is where big conventions and concerts are held.

Anyway as a photographer, we gauge our light, we need it to capture better images. The lighting at Michael Fowler wasn’t adequate. Since I am using my all time favorite 18-200 ml lens (so I don’t have to change lenses, and I have the ability to zoom in and zoom out quickly). I have to adjust my camera settings to this kind of lighting conditions. This is where the Three Trinity comes to play if you want to master photography, you must!, I repeat you must understand how these three works.

So what I did was stretched my ISO to 3000 and 4500 for me to get comfy shooting a speed of 100 and have an F stop of 7-9.

I wasn’t worried about the noise because I know my Lightroom can help lessen the noise.

I recommend you watch this video on youtube in order for you to understand the three trinities of photography (ISO, Shutter Speed, F stop).

For more thorough reading or more video tutorials for beginners and hobbyist photographers, please click this link.

The guy who made this tutorial is a good friend of mine, Evan Sharboneau who I believe can help you master any DSLR Camera and help you take gorgeous, attention grabbing images.



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