What is paradise for you? Is it with your loved one on a beautiful beach or resort? Or is your paradise a big lovely garden that looks magical? Well, whatever your paradise is my friend I hope you’ll find it and once you see it, I hope you capture the moment you were there.

I went to Palawan last month and stayed at Palawan Seaview Resort, nothing fancy, the accommodation was right for the price I paid, and I couldn’t say anything more about the food they provide, it was magnificent.

My partner and I stayed there for two days, and I believe we enjoyed it. My primary goal there was to get a few nice snaps of the place and add it to my collection.
Anyway here are a few of my shots.

This small hut was our accommodation; cute ain’t it? And guess what, it’s air conditioned, all though the rattling sound of the aircon made me hard to find to get some sleep, all is well when you’re with your partner.


Want to find more info about this place, or wanna ask me how I got there? Drop me a message, and I’ll flick you all the details.

Keep on snapping folks!


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