A short film I shot last week

The images you see below are still shots of the Film Noir type I shot last week. It all started when a friend of mine decided to make a short film for their Christmas presentation; he posted his cry for assistance on making this movie on his Facebook page. Luckily for him I saw his post and told him, I’d be keen to assist. This … Continue reading A short film I shot last week

Club and Bar Photography

One of the hardest photography I believe is doing night photography, it’s easy if your shooting using a tripod but what if your shooting without a tripod. Well, let’s say your capable of purchasing expensive lenses, prime lenses but what if you don’t have the financial means? Ok, all these images above was shot using an 18-200 mm, so I can honestly tell you now … Continue reading Club and Bar Photography

Simple Head shots

You might be wondering how are photographers able to shoot a perfect Headshot. It’s simple really; we use a different flash lighting technique. Guess what, if you were born in this day and age, everything could now be found online. You can browse all these different flash lighting techniques. For me, I think I admire Tony Corbell’s style of lighting. He’s called a master of light … Continue reading Simple Head shots

Keep on Up-skilling and honing your craft

Photography, Filmmaking, and Graphic Design are all have something in common; they are all now processed digitally. There are numerous programs that could assist you with your art, but always remember these are just tools that help you with your creation, all of it comes from within you and from your mind. I remember when I was just ten years old, I was determined to … Continue reading Keep on Up-skilling and honing your craft

Play with lights

If you want to excel in photography, you must understand how to manipulate and control the light. You must understand the fundamental principle how light affect your image. Pro photographers use diffusers, snoot, reflectors, etc. to control how the light pass thru /hit your subject. Mostly those items I’ve mentioned are expensive and inadequate for budding photographers who are just starting up. The photo below: … Continue reading Play with lights